The HIV test

Do you think you might have been at risk of contracting HIV? At BCN Checkpoint we can give you the test quickly, confidentially and free of charge.

It only takes a simple painless finger prick, and in just 20 minutes you will have your results.

If the test result is negative:

This means that no virus antibodies were detected. Despite this, in order to totally rule out a HIV infection at least 3 months should have gone by since the time a person might have been exposed to the virus. However, with the new generation tests this period can sometimes be shortened. If you have any doubts, the BCN Checkpoint team will be happy to clarify them.

If the test result is positive:

Keep in mind that today, antiretroviral treatments enable people with HIV to have a life expectancy and quality of life equal to that of the rest of the population. At BCN Checkpoint we offer you the support and counselling you need to deal with this situation in the best conditions.

Nevertheless, a positive HIV test result always needs to be confirmed by means of a second test which we provide here at the centre without any cost to you.

If the second test result comes out positive as well, then we will be at your side to offer you guidance as to what you need to do from that moment on. At BCN Checkpoint we offer you the option of arranging an appointment for you at a HIV specialised hospital. In addition to this, the centre also provides a series of services that specifically cater to people living with HIV.

How often should you get tested?

Gay men, bisexuals and transgender women are especially vulnerable to HIV for various structural/biological and social reasons.

If you are therefore a sexually active person, it is advisable that you take the HIV test at least once or twice a year. If you have several partners or you don’t always use a condom, consider taking the test every 3 months.

An early HIV diagnosis offers many advantages regarding clinical treatment options and how the infection evolves.

Take the rapid HIV test

at BCN Checkpoint.

You will dispel your doubts

in just 20 minutes.