Access to PrEP

Access to PrEP

BCN PrEP·Point is one of the 19 centers authorized by the Generalitat de Catalunya for the prescription, dispensing and monitoring of PrEP with funding from the public health system.

The conditions for accessing PrEP are:

  1. Having the CatSalut health card (if you do not have it, we can guide you on how to obtain it regardless of your administrative situation in the country)
  2. Being 18 years or older
  3. Ruling out the presence of an HIV infection


Who can access PrEP?

The National Health System finances PrEP for those men who have sex with men and transgender women who at least meet two of the following requirements during last year:

  • Having had more than 10 different sexual partners
  • Having had condomless anal sex
  • Having used drugs in the context of unprotected sex
  • Having taken post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) on several occasions
  • Having had at least one bacterial STI


The PrEP prescription, dispensing and monitoring program of BCN PrEP·Point is developed in three phases:

1- Baseline visit. Blood is drawn and other samples are collected to rule out a possible HIV infection and/or other STIs, in addition to other tests.

2- First medical visit. The results obtained after testing the blood and samples are reviewed with the doctor, a follow-up plan is agreed upon and PrEP is prescribed and dispensed.

3- Follow-up visits. One month after starting treatment, a first visit is made to check that PrEP is working properly. From here, a visit is made every three months, in which STI controls are also carried out.


How to access? *

The first step to access PrEP is to make an appointment with BCN PrEP·Point. Call 933 182 056 and we will give you an appointment to discuss what options are currently available to you.

If for some exceptional reason it is not possible for you to call us send us an email to [email protected] and we will contact you.

* Currently, BCN PrEP·Point leads the implementation of PrEP in Spain in number of users. However, resources are limited and because of the high demand for PrEP there may be a waiting list at times.

Apart from BCN PrEP·Point, PrEP is also dispensed at the STI clinic of Drassanes, as well as in the 19 HIV-units of public hospitals throughout Catalonia.


SeguiPrEP: follow-up program for informal PrEP users

SeguiPrEP is a follow-up program with the aim of reducing risks for people who take PrEP on their own, usually with medication purchased at online pharmacies. Despite the fact that the Spanish authorities do not allow the importation of drugs purchased in this way, most people obtain them easily.

On the other hand, studies carried out in the United Kingdom, where this practice is legal, have shown that these drugs, usually generics, and are effective and bioequivalent with the originals. Many are made in India with all the guarantees of safety.

The SeguiPrEP program is based on point-of-care testing technology and consists of four phases:


1- Informative session. The informal PrEP user is summoned to an information session aimed at giving advice so that he/she can follow the treatment as safely as possible.

2-Baseline analysis. The user must provide a blood test that can be requested at their family doctor (CAP), private health insurance or laboratory. From BCN PrEP·Point you can be guided on what parameters it should contain.

3-Starting PrEP. In a first visit, the person is checked to be HIV negative and the results of the blood tests are reviewed. If necessary, some tests are repeated and, if all the results are correct, then PrEP could be started, in case that treatment has not yet been initiated.

4-Follow-up visits. One month after starting PrEP, you’ll have to return to BCN PrEP·Point to confirm that no adverse effects have appeared, and then every 3 months to check that the treatment is working well and to control other STIs.


How is it accessed?

The first step to access the SeguiPrEP program is to make an appointment at BCN PrEP·Point calling  933 182 056.

If for some exceptional reason it is not possible for you to call us send us an email to [email protected] and we will contact you.