Services for people living with VIH

BCN Checkpoint runs a comprehensive programme of services which cater specifically to people living with HIV, including personalised support and counselling sessions as well as group information sessions with medical and scientific experts. These services are a part of INFOTRAT, a state of the art nationwide programme that we have been running since 1994.



These are individual emotional support and counselling sessions with one of our facilitators, who are also HIV+ and with proven expertise in helping and accompanying each user in taking decisions.


Jornada de Promoció de la Salut i Qualitat de Vida per a Persones amb VIH/sida (Promotion of Health and Quality of Life for People with HIV/AIDS Day Forum)

This is an annual seminar that brings together experts on different areas related to HIV/AIDS issues to present the latest medical and scientific advances in a close and easily comprehensible fashion. The day forum is also a space for networking and the exchange of experiences among the 400 people who attend every year. More information at

If you are interested in accessing any of these services we will be happy to inform you in person at the centre and also by phone: 93.318.20.56